Visualize your application, code, and Snyk vulnerability data to converge infrastructure and application perspectives. This unique view streamlines enterprise security teams response to incidents and creates a total 360 view of their application security posture. Enterprises can identify risk earlier, communicate more effectively, and reduce MTTR. appNovi provides total asset visibility, validates security control coverage, and reduces costs of resources and projects. appNovi integrates with the existing tools and data sources you already have to mesh all your intelligence to create business and network context. With appNovi you understand your environment and eliminate IT data uncertainty to reduce MTTR and meet SLAs.

  • IT asset discovery and network dependency mapping through context
  • Network and security data visualization
  • Application code and infrastructure risk mapping
  • Automated outcomes through integration with existing tools
  • Complete visibility across IT assets, applications, and users for network dependency mapping
  • Identify risk earlier and respond faster
  • Enable effective communication across all teams and stakeholders
  • Validate secure design
  • appNovi v2.1 and higher, API credentials for Snyk, and HTTPS connectivity between appNovi and Snyk.
How it Works
  • appNovi integrates with Snyk to retrieve and visualize application risk data with network and security data
  • Converge application vulnerability data with infrastructure to understand business impact
  • Visualize risk for effective communication with technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Use predefined queries or construct your own and specify outcomes (e.g. notify team, notify owner, start playbook/workflow)
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