StackHawk is modern DAST you can KaaKaww about! 🦅 StackHawk is the only modern DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) and API security testing tool that runs in CI/CD, enabling developers to quickly find and fix security issues before they hit production. Like Snyk, StackHawk was purpose-built for developers and provides users with developer-friendly configuration, fix guidance, and fix validation so teams can address security issues and get back to what matters most to them - feature development. StackHawk integrates with Snyk Code to leverage the power of DAST and SAST (Static Application Security Testing) in a single platform. Allowing users to correlate testing results and easily prioritize the most important application and API security vulnerabilities.

  • Surface security bugs on every PR and review scan results directly in your GitHub pull request
  • Identify critical issues easily with prioritized scan results
  • Investigate issues with detailed App Request & Response data
  • Recreate and validate findings with StackHawk's cURL generator
  • Correlate SAST and DAST results in a single view
  • Correlate Results: Quickly find and fix issues in your running application, down to a single line of code.
  • Prioritize Fixes: Give teams a comprehensive understanding of application and API security issues with a single look.
  • Manage Risk: Give your security teams oversight into your application security posture.
  • A Snyk account and StackHawk account
How it Works
  • StackHawk and Snyk work together to correlate DAST and SAST results to prioritize and fix application and API security issues
  • Organizations can purchase StackHawk’s DAST solution by working directly with their assigned Snyk rep.
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Vulnerability Management


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