Escape - GraphQL & API Security

By: Escape Technologies SAS

Escape is an API Security Company. We generate legitimate requests and fire them at APIs during development (CI/CD) or production to find and fix bugs before it's too late. Developer loved, security trusted, we have unique expertise in GraphQL APIs and are on a mission to make DAST cool again with a focus on Surface Attack Management and APIs. Technically Escape is based on a unique feedback-driven API exploration technology, making us the first and only DAST able to understand the business logic of APIs. In a few minute only, Escape can test the security and performance of your API with un unprecedented coverage.

  • CI/CD integration
  • API Inventory & Discovery
  • API Posture Management
  • Tailored remediations with code snippets
  • PII and sensitive data leaks detection
  • Test data segregation in multi-tenant applications
  • Compliance and security reports
  • Performance and load testing
  • Make DAST cool again
  • Test how your API behaves in it's environment before production
  • Shift-left GraphQL API security
  • Discover business logic vulnerabilities at ludicrous speed
  • Feedback-driven exploration algorithm
  • Use GraphQL
  • Snyk Account
How it Works
  • We detect your exposed GraphQL endpoints, and you just need to click on "Scan" to start securing them.
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