Quokka Mobile App Security Testing

By: Quokka

Quokka discovers and delivers mobile security intelligence that enable developers to remediate zero-day vulnerabilities before apps are deployed. The Snyk integration with Quokka provides comprehensive layers of mobile security analysis – for both app source code and compiled binary – with Snyk’s visibility into open-source vulnerabilities paired with Quokka’s mobile threat analysis. Developers benefit from earlier detection of zero-day exploits, with cross-validation of findings resulting in fewer false-positives. With insights from Quokka’s static (SAST) and dynamic (DAST) app security testing, app developers can keep up with the accelerating pace of development and ship high-quality, secure apps faster – and protect their organizations from the long-term costs associated with security breaches and non-compliance penalties.

  • SAST, DAST, IAST, and SBOM analysis
  • Identify 200+ CVEs and zero-days
  • Automated scanning in minutes
  • Checks against security standards: NIAP, NIST, OWASP and MASVS
  • Precise SBOM generation and analysis for vulnerability reporting to specific library version, including embedded libraries
  • Fewer false negatives with fewer false positives
  • SAST, DAST, and IAST mobile security analysis, including SBOM – for both app source code and compiled binary
  • Earlier detection of zero-day exploits and emerging threats in the SDLC in the local dev environment
  • Test builds in the pipeline before production with shift left security
  • Fewer false-positives with cross-validation of findings
  • Snyk account API key and Quokka account
How it Works
  • Snyk Code scans mobile app source code
  • Quokka runs static, dynamic and interactive tests against the compiled mobile app binary
  • Quokka shows correlated issues and presents them to developers for immediate remediation before app deployment
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